Okja Hazelnut Spread 350g

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The OKJA Vegan-Certified Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is delicious on freshly baked banana bread, warm oatmeal, croissants, ice cream and other yummy edibles.

Chocolate hazelnut spread on toast. There’s no food that reminds me more of being a kid. Actually, I lie. PBJ might be a contender for the title. It’s almost too close to call. Anyways… I digress. Flashforward to 2021. I swing by my local baker, pick up a warm, sourdough baguette or a fresh, flaky croissant and voilà, I have myself a worthy grown-up version of a breakfast staple. Or, you know, I could just spoon it straight out the jar and shove it directly into my cakehole.